Something strange has happened


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I recently bought a second hand Bianchi mountain bike as a second bike to mess about on off road. It went in to the local cycle shop to have the shifters & gear cables changed & an adjustable stem fitted. I bought some Land Cruisers which I fitted yesterday. Now, I have fitted my own tyres many times before but this time when I put the front wheel back on I have a wobbly wheel no matter how much I tighten the quick release. Also the back brake feels rough when I pull the leaver. Any ideas what I've done?


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Is the wheel centred? Did you manage to nudge the brake calipers off centre - that's my usual trick!


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Knocked the nuts which hold your cup & cone bearings in place ? Tighten them up a bit and see if that helps. Failing that a front hub service will be needed.
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