Sometimes I love working shifts...

it means I can set off on a bike ride on a day like today (well, yesterday now...), in the middle of the week, in glorious sunshine while everybody else is stuck at work xx(. Nice leisurely 36 miles to Blackpool and back with a friend, fish and chips on the seafront, the sea actually looked proper blue for a change and it wasn't full of the usual weekend crowds - can't beat it!!!! :smile:

Clearly not everybody shared my good mood tho - it must have been the day of the grumpy cyclist, hardly anybody said hello and most of them look very miserable indeed!


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Sounds like you had a nice day. I'm suffering with sunburn at the moment after my ride today.


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Best thing about shift work that PP,lovely quiet roads whilst everyone else is working:biggrin:
And cycling home on an afternoon like this one,sunny,warm,and not too windy,BLISS.
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