Sonic Boom - Peterborough!


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what sonic boom?

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Near Newmarket
Nothing here - I must be 35 miles from Peterborough as the crow flies. There was a massive sonic boom hereabouts a couple of weeks back which shook the windows. I wondered if it might have been the Yanks out of Lakenheath, but could be Marham I guess.


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My dialogue for the last few hours has been...
'Noooo, FFS, I missed it, I've never heard one'
Chatteris, probably 15 miles as the crow flies SE from Pboro...never heard a thing...gutted, absolutely gutted.
The wife was at work, she said it was so loud the ground shook, the trees wavered,the sound went right through you, the birds went mental, flying couldnt see a piece of clear sky, birds everywhere.
She had palpitations for 45 minutes. She had to give an injection to one of the kids..and couldnt, she was so shook up. Passed it to another member of staff.
One guy dropped his cutlery apparently and hugged his head in fright.

So so gutted.

Apparently contact was lost with an aircraft and Typhoons were scambled from Conningsby, permission given to exceed the sound barrier overland given the security implications. Contact was regainex while they were enroute.
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Heard it in Huntingdon :smile:
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