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I'm torn between 2 bikes at the moment.
I was looking at theTrek Lexa SLX with 105 gearing but then I found a Specialized Ruby Compact with Sora and Sora STI's. The Specialized is a carbon frame and only £50 more expensive where as the Trek is Alu.
Is the new Sora any better than the older type with the little buttons?

I must admit that I like the Ruby rather a lot now but I really wanted to have better gearing that Sora (which I had on my last bike)

What are your thoughts please


It's best to get a bike tat fits you well.

After that the frame is the best consideration.

After that, it's the components.Most folk won't be able to tell the difference between Sora and 105 in the real world.


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As Moodyman has said, I'd try to get the best frame for my money.

Parts such as shifters and derailleurs, cranksets etc can easily be upgraded later if you're not happy with the performance - Selling off the old parts can fund this to a certain extent as well.


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The paddle shifters are much nicer than the thumb button and allow you to shift in the drops much better. I would say that you would notice a difference going to 105 over Sora. It is 10 spd, vs 9spd. This doesnt sound like much, but that extra ratio gives you a closer range of gears and makes maintaining your optimal cadence easier, depending on how you ride, this can be a substantial benefit IMO and I think it is noticable. Also 105 is a bit lighter. The shifters themselves on 105 upwards IMO feel nicer to use too. BUT, frame is of foremost importance.

BTW I am not just bigging up the kit I own to make myself feel better about spending more money, because I dont have 105 (although having played about with bikes with 105, I sometimes wish I had 105 or Ultegra) on my main road bike, I have an older 9 spd Tiagra groupset on my main road bike that I spend many hours riding, this version of Tiagra is about equivalent to this years Sora. I do have a bike with 105, but that is running bar end shifters and I haven't used it much so I won't even bother comparing.
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