Sorted my dog out, now to upgrade the other bike!!

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  1. Hi all,
    I have three bikes, in order of "rideability" they are: Trek 1.2a roady, Raleigh AT20 mountain and the dog ... a Coyote Everglades hybrid that i converted to drop bars and added mudguards, etc for winter use. The Coyote (made by avocet i think) served me well from september > march, including several
    crashes on ice/mud!

    Both Trek and Coyote are set up the same (seat position, drop bar position, etc,etc).
    Both cycles have the same gatorskin tyres.
    The Coyotes alloy frame is slightly heavier, plus it has steel forks over the Treks carbon forks.

    On my usual 30 miles ride the coyote at 12.8kg has always been 1 to 1.5mph slower than the
    trek at 10.8kg.
    Now i know 2kg is sod all when there's 90kg's sitting on it, but time and time again the trek has
    been faster!!

    Which got me thinking about spinning weight.

    I've recently weighed the Treks "Bontrager" wheels vs the chinese bling on the Coyote.

    Trek front: 1.34kg
    Trek rear: 1.84kg
    Coyote front: 1.56kg
    Coyote rear: 2.10kg
    Just for comparison:
    Raleigh front: 2.14kg ... with brake disk and racing ralph tyres.
    Raleigh rear: 2.72kg ... with brake disk and racing ralph tyres.

    Next i put the Treks Bontrager rims on the Coyote and did my usual 30 miler, and for once it actually felt easier rolling than the mountain bike over the course. (The MTB has slicks on by the way).

    The plan is to leave the Trek rims on the Coyote, and now upgrade the Trek with better wheels.

    I know the base model 1.2a like mine has "lower specification" gear, and i'd image i could do better
    than the Bontrager 1.34kg/1.84kg rims, so ... any ideas what to buy for my summer bike.

    Budget will be £100-£150
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