Spammers' stupid names.


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I can't believe some of the ridiculous names some of these trailer park spammers make up for themselves. Maybe it's just a handful of very prolific spammers; whatever. Has anybody ever MET anybody called:

Gregor Leander
Kimmo Arbenz
Crawford Bertram
Sasha F Koenig
Rebekah M Fair
Xavier C Bruce
Kendall Reader
Kerk Julius
Alvin Craddock
Harlin Amos?

They remind me of the stupid names writers of cheap fiction use for their heroes. What's the idea? I can only assume they are trying to sound "woody" and genuine. Maybe there's a name generator available on the web, like that US Defense writers' buzz phrase generator.


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Oh, I guess you didnt want to buy that Viagra off me than at "cheapest on the net" prices?

Oh well, your loss.


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I got one in my bulk folder from me!
It gave my address as the sender and had me worried but I've been reassured that it's ok.


You could try googling the names, there was one back on the old C+ forum that started asking inane questions about Argos/Woolworths £60 jobs. A quick google showed he'd named himself after the bloke in charge of stunts for 'The Matrix', you could profile his entire life just from that one decision.


I still think the spammer who tempted me with stupendous breast enlargements had my favourite name - Elmer Bonobo - I mean, what is that all about!!??! It sounds like something off Chris Morris!

Harlin Amos

I'm not sure all those names are that ridiculous.


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Bear in mind, that most spam names are taken from real email addresses.

If you receive spam, there's a real possibility that your name is being used as a spammer as well, and someone else out there is thinking the same thing
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