Spare a thought for me....


Here for rides.
...about 10 am on Sunday morning.

Taking a registered blind work colleague out on the back of a hired tandem for the first ever ride on a bike of his life.

The plan is downslink from Southwater to Steying, pint & lunch, back the way we came. With luck we will survive unscathed!


Just call me Chris...
Wow, sounds fantastic!

Hope you both have a really good day :smile:


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There's a tandem club here in Bury that does this; I asked about volunteering but unfortunately they needed more commitment than I could offer.


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near Hornsea
The RNIB were recently having a recruitment drive for able volunteers for this. It is something I may consider, but unable to commit at present.
Hope you both have a good day & all goes well :ohmy:


Good man.

Take comfort from the fact that however challenging it may be having him take the back seat it is going to be far preferable to him trying the front.:tongue:
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