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Hi guys, can anybody recommend a decent set of wheels to fit the chariot in the title please?? It`s a 2007 Sport model and after 3 years hard abuse it`s a case of spend money on it or replace it, and as I can`t afford to replace it right now I`m going to upgrade a few things, starting with the wheels. The front is original, but I`m on the third back wheel - I keep going through the rims!! The replacements I`ve had from the lbs have always been "ok" but don`t last that long and are heavy.

So, anybody else done the same or can suggest a good set?;)

Many thanks
Mavic CXP22 on Shimano 105 would good for commuting on


Mavic Open Pro with Shimano 105 hubs, Conti Ultragastorskins

I like these Roval Pave SL Wheelset for no othe reason that they look good on the Tricross. Would I buy them? No...... I think the Open Pro on 105 or better would be a far more fun.


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+1 for Mavic Open Pros, I built a pair of 36 holes on XT hubs (my bike has MTB dropout spacings, don't ask) and I haven't had to touch them since built.

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You can get a very good set of wheels for less than £200. Mavic open pro rim on 105/ultegra hubs. I think Parkers do a good price
speccy1 said:

How come you wouldn`t buy that one then, any reason??

My Tricross has Alexrims DA 19's on and from what I have read there is no advantage to be gained by spending £225 on the Roval wheels where as Open Pro's on 105 (or better) is a very highly recommended combination. I like distance riding and the back roads I tend to use are not in the best condition so something that is easy rolling and stong is more important than weight. My thinking is to aquire open pro on 105 (32 / 36 h) for summer and use my DA19's for winter / commuting.

However I have read some good things about CPX 22's and 33's, so it come down to cost.


hand built is they way to go

I've used open pros and they're good for me, 36 holes makes a bit more strength

I've paid £60/£70 for front/rear rebuilbs lately, that doesn;t include the hub natch


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If you're wearing out a rim a year, Open Pros might not be the answer. I like mine but they're not known for their longevity. Is there anything you can do to extend the life? Better blocks? More frequent cleaning? Though of course it may just be your mega mileage in which case look at something with a thicker sidewall or a ceramic coating.
If you want decent bargain basement, have a look at the Planet X offerings, the Model C at £99 is well regarded;
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