Specialized 'Adaptalite' sunglasses

Discussion in 'Shopping, Services, Offers and Reviews' started by Aperitif, 22 Mar 2008.

  1. Make:Specialized 'Miura'
    Price: £84.15
    From: Cyclestore March '08

    In Spring and Autumn I commute 'into the sun' - it makes for a variety of light conditions and, coupled with the shadows cast from buildings along the way, makes for a complicated view! The rest of the time they are for road use.
    I have all sorts of interchangeables, fixed density sunglasses etc - chopping and changing was not practical in heavy commuter traffic.
    To alleviate this, I chose a brand of sunglasses that might help me deal with these extremes (helpful comment was given elswhere and I already had an idea of which mark I was going for...:thumbsup:).
    I hadn't anticipated parting company with so much dosh but I can honestly say they are a class apart from anything else I have worn.
    So far they have dealt with every condition (without steaming up!) day and night (the pink lenses accentuate reds ie: warning lights etc).
    I hope they last me a long time.
    Oh - and they are designed as a 'large frame' for those with a er 'large frame' for the contents of their head! :sad:
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