Specialized BG S-Works Road Shoe.


Bad Bit - a new pair will set you back £200 (penny change though!)

Good bits

1. You look forward to putting them on.

2. The Boa system tightens up the shoe around the whole of the foot including the heel preventing unwanted foot movement within the shoe together with improving power transfer.

3. My feet take a little time to settle in the shoe - a quick turn of the dial whilst on the bike soon takes care of it.

4. They are light - OK 50-100g is neither here nor there but over long distances it is bound to help.

I wouldn't go back to the old ratchet and velcro fasteners system.

mr Mag00

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Deepest Dorset
yh looked at these but the wallet wont stretch that far at the time


threebikesmcginty said:
Look nice 'pete, any quicker up the hills? :shy:

mind you my pair were designed by some geezer called mario cipollini and he couldn't climb either-mainly because he was lazing on the beach by the time Le Tour got to the mountains.
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