Spectacular F1 crash - no injuries



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Wow - the replay from inside the car was amazing! I would suspect that some mechanic will be having a severe talking to about this - seems entirely unlikely that both would go at the same time!! (not that I know much about that sort of thing).
johnnyh said:
love the fact he still tries to steer the car, despite having no front wheels :biggrin:
I think it must be one of those - This cannot be happening - I will wake up in a moment moments -just carry on as if it is not happening and everything will be OK


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That's bizarre. I imagine the only thing connecting both wheels directly would be the steering rack seeing as how the suspension is completely independent so I suppose that's what broke.
Even so for both wheel to come off like that is mad.


Not so mad, if you look at yesterday's discussion of the same issue, one of the suspension uprights failed as soon as Buemi hit the brakes. I think there is around 6g of braking force in those cars, so a lot of extra load is transferred to the front uprights in a very short space of time.

Obviously, they are designed to take that force but I doubt they'd be designed strong enough to take double that force so, when the right hand upright went, everything suddenly got put through the left hand upright, which instantly failed.


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Shocking footage! :wacko:

After a fan getting injured in the crowd at another GP I thought all wheels were supposed to be tethered to the car to stop them becoming 200mph missiles. :biggrin:

Glad the drivers okay and nobody else got injured though. :smile:
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