speed obsession/milestone


I started cycling in October 2010, as part of a weight loss plan and the bike quickly became much more important than my weight. I've always found speed attractive, as a young man I drove far too fast, and that has also transferred to being on the bike.

Now as I've just passed 50, I recognise my potential is limited, but I'm trying to creep my way up through the ranks of 50+ year olds and want to sample different cycling experiences.

Somehow 20mph has been a magical number for me. First time hitting 20 on the flat, first time holding it for a mile, first time holding it for 5 miles were all significant milestones. Now I stay in a town and have all the usual crap in traffic lights, junctions, roundabouts etc to deal with in getting out of town. Once out there are some good routes around 30-40 miles that I use, but an ambition has always been to break 20mph door-to-door. It has been a struggle, and I've had a couple of weeks off the bike due to a horrible cough/virally thing but the break appears to have done me good.

Anyway to cut a long story short I've just done it this morning! Almost 34 miles at 20.1 mph average. Here's the ride for any doubters among you.


I'm absolutely chuffed and felt the need to share!
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