SPEG brand?


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I was looking at these too the other week,like the idea of zip off sleeves as my commute times are early morning/late night so the weather is often vastly different from setting out to going home.
Friend of mine has a normal Speg jacket and he seems happy with it,although every time I see it I think of Lister from Red Dwarf calling people Smeg:biggrin:
Torn between getting one or something like the Montane featherlight Velo as a packable emergency jacket.


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I have a couple of their things - long sleeve jersey, shirt and overshoes. They're very good, good and rubbish respectively.

Mind if I'd paid full price for the shirt (£40) I wouldn't have been that impressed, but for £15 it's pretty good.


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I bought some of their shorts which have little padding and are annoyingly see through but fine for going under tights.

I have been using a Speg l/s jersey for the past 9 months which is brilliant, comfortable and durable.

In terms of value for money I think they are very good, one of the cheapest I have found but still pretty good quality.
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