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Happy New Year everyone,

I recently bought a Tacx turbo trainer and to use it I had to chance the spindle on the rear wheel. Will I be able to use this on the road or do I have to change it each time I use the bike?

Are some spindles better than others or doesn't it make any real difference apart from the weight?



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I use my tacx qr spindle outdoors, only changing when I swap wheels over to race ones. I think its more looks and weight than grip ability


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Hi Mark, and a happy new year to you too.

As for different spindles... some are stronger, some are lighter, some are stronger and lighter than others. while some are heavy and strong. also price... brand... quality... same with everything. buy what you need and you get what you pay for.


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DustBowlRefugee said:
Thanks guys,

I just wanted to check that they were in fact universal and I can use the Tacx one on the road without damaging anything
My Cycleops QR has been fitted to the bike since i got it, no problems...i never bother to swap. I wouldnt think they would use a sub standard QR just for the turbo...
EEK! The 'spindle' is the axle, though few folks call it a spindle.
The quick-release or skewer or QR skewer or just QR fits inside the axle.

A quick release skewer designed to suit an indoor trainer will work perfectly well outdoors.

As to how different skewers perform, to paraphrase the great Mr K Bontrager when he talked about cycle parts;

Strong, light, inexpensive. Choose any two.


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I know this is an ancient post, just found it on a search........anyway, similar question but the other way round.

Do i need to use a trainer spindle or can i just leave my original spindle from my Trek road bike for the turbo ?


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The man reason for a special skewer for the turbo is that it fits the mounts on the turbo correctly. Most orginal ones off standard wheels do not seat properly, or get damaged, or both.

Perfectly safe to use the turbo one when out on the road
Turbos used to be designed to fit a standard steel skewer by Shi**no or Campag. When skewers changed, and turbos started munching them their makers began to provide their own dedicated skewers with a much better interface.
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