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I am considering the 105 mile Great Western Sportive on Sunday from Swindon and I have a tyre dillema. I normally just commute, not much leisure riding. The bike is a Surly Crosscheck.

My spring/autumn tyres are 700x28 Marathon Plus, these have been bullet proof but are heavy.

Last summer I got some Conti Gator Skins 700x25, these are much lighter and have been fine until a couple of weeks ago. They tyres are not "worn out" but do have some cuts in them and I have had a few unplanned deflations. Once a piece of grit working its way through in the wet, the second a few minutes later because I hadn't found the cause of the first! The latest a thorn just at the top of the sidewall.

Last winter I was using Marathon Winter spiked tyres which were fantastic.

Which tyres do I use for 105 mile sportive?

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The fastest I would say I use pro 3 s.


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i have been on mich pro3,s on three of my bikes and find them realy good . first time in the wet is a bit scarry as they look slippy but once you get used to them they are good tyre.i have ridden six sportives on them this year and only one flat,doing a charity ride at the end of the month from tan hill to holme in cambs highest to lowest pubs in the country
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