Sports Direct Muddy Fox Pure Bib Tights


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Picked up a pair of MuddyFox bib tights today in sports direct for a measly £21 ( Was going to order some from decathlon but popped in to see what SD had. They feel decent enough quality, pad feels quite thick in comparison to a pair of dhb active tights i currently have. Not riden in them yet, will do on Tuesday so will post more comments then. On first impression id recommend anyone to take a look at Sports Directs stock, stuff looks decent enough.


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I understand they're OK but wear out quicker than other brands... but Sports Direct put many staff on zero hour contracts and have trashed some great names (Dunlop, Karrimor, ...), haven't they?


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I have some Muddy Fox cycling shorts and longs and they're perfectly adequate for short rides. I wear them on my commute. I got them in a SD closing down sale for £6 per pair though.

I find Karrimor stuff to be pretty good too.


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I have a few bits of muddyfox stuff and don't mind the quality really.. it's great when you get it in the 90% off sales too! I think for all three tops, two pairs of shorts and one pair of cycle tights with padding I must have only spent about £30 in total! Bang for buck and if they wear out it's not like I spent loads on them! I'll happily invest in more when I can afford it again as back up gear :smile:


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When I first started cycling, I got one of the Muddyfox short sleeve jerseys. I guess for tenner you get what you pay for, but it's certainly lightyears away from the quality of even the most basic Altura jersey etc - the material is extremely uncomfortable and the jersey quite poorly made.
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