Spotted a 2014 Scott Foil 20 For Sale...


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Happened to bike past a house with a Scott Foil 20 for sale in the yard about three weeks ago. I rode past yesterday and saw it was still for sale. Seller is looking for $1000 but is negotiable. Frame is 52 cm... perfect size for me. I believe the asking price is reasonable if the bike is in excellent condition, as indicated on Bicycle Blue Book. Frame looked in great condition to me (pictures attached). Wasn't really looking for another bike but this may be a good deal.

This model is more oriented towards racing.. which I don't plan on partaking in. I mostly participate in group rides and am interested in endurance riding, so this may not be the best option for that. I'm also a climber based on my body type so having a lighter bike will help. Still... this is an aero bike, not necessarily focused on lightweight qualities. Current bike is a 2011 Jamis Ventura Race which I am very happy with.

Would appreciate any comments/suggestions from those who have owned a Foil or been in a bike buying situation.



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Looks reasonable value but on a four year old bike check the frame carefully for any damage. Also inspect for signs of wear in the drive train, check wheel bearings, head bearing and wheels rims for trueness and spokes.
This might interest you:

Try to beat down the price is all is well!
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I have a Scott foil 15 . The ride is a bit harsh to say the least but it just screams at you to let rip and it does .
I think it is fare to say the Scott foil led the way in aero bikes and it was interesting that when Scott brought out the latest model a few of the Orica green edge riders chose to ride the older version .
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