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Discussion in 'Beginners' started by bobloes, 21 Aug 2012.

  1. bobloes

    bobloes Active Member

    Hi All

    I have been a fair weather cyclist for some years but now I have more time I want to cycle in the less clement weather periods. I have a good jacket for riding in obviously cold temperatures but it is when the weather is like today that I have difficulty. It is overcast, probably about 15 degrees with sufficient wind for you to know about it. It is too cold on my arms for a short sleeve jersey (I could wear my windproof gilet to maintain core temp) but too warm to wear the winter coat. There are plenty of long sleeve jerseys around so could you provide some recommendations? Thanks.
  2. Hacienda71

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    Wilmslow, Cheshire
    Have a look at arm warmers for use with short sleeve jerseys, then you don't need the intermediate jerseys for autumn, if it gets warm you can take them off and stick them in your back pocket. Here are some good value ones.
  3. Thomk

    Thomk Veteran

    I wear Lidl sleeveless compression baselayer with long sleeve top in that sort of weather.
  4. fossyant

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    South Manchester
    I have more long sleve jerseys than short sleve. Like above, poss arm warmers or just a l/s top made with summer material.

    As the temps drop below towards 5c and below, I opt for a 'windproof' jersey - the front of the arms and body have a wind resistant material. These work really well. If it drops way below zero, then out comes a heavyweight windproof jersey. With these I've just got 1 base layer under !
  5. numbnuts

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    North Baddesley
    I have a Pearl izumi wind proof nylon (but has some fancy name) jacket with full length zip and zip off sleeves for the cooler months and just wear short sleeve jersey underneath.
  6. I simply stick to a very thin wool layer and something that is a wind blocker on top - depending on visibility (cloudy/sunny and how much I need to be seen, I either wear an ultralight weight yellow water resistant (think light shower proof) top or a SPF shirt. I have found that the lightweight travel shirts that have a very high SPF work really well at blocking wind (as well as the sun) and it can be un-buttoned as needed if you are wearing something else underneath when to regulate temperature...
  7. The Gamble

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    Having just ordered several short sleeve tops, I'm beginning to wonder what I'll don when the weather drops around November time. Do you guys reckon sticking a long sleeve thermal top and bottoms under a short sleeve top and bib shorts will be sufficient until christmas?
  8. You're down as Manchester/Leeds. somehow I would be surprised if it was sufficient but it all depends on what time of day you are cycling really. Did the UK not get snow in November last year (not in UK last year so not sure, but know it did the year before)?
    Middle of the day, you might be OK, pre-dawn commute I would doubt it? Certainly was not warm enough where I used to live in the south before we upp'ed and left the UK.
  9. cyberknight

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    At the moment i am commuting at 5-6 am , its gettign cool enough for arm +leg warmers if you feel the cold.The type i use are thin lycra that i picked up off ebay cheap and they keep the chill off, i carry a thin gilet that can be packed down and put in a pocket /pannier.
    When it gets chiller i will just use a windproof that will keep the chill off and the boil in the bag effect will counteract the cold , for the legs i prefer to use running tights over shorts as i find when its gets cold i need an extra layer on the crotch as well for the "chilly willy " effect .
    For mid winter i use aldi`s long sleeve compression tops, arm warmers, ss jersey , windproof, shorts ,ron hill bikesters, altura full finger gloves and overshoes.
    A tip for keeping your toes warm is cling film wrapped around your feet , bradley wiggins uses it sho it must work .I carry a couple of sanwhich bags in my pannier as back up in caseit gets chilly , this could lead to sweaty feet but for commuting distance it works ok as an extra layer and if its pissing it down in the middle of summer it can keep your toes reasonably dry .
  10. OP

    bobloes Active Member

    Thanks for all the advice.
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