Sprocket teeth burring.

Sprockets on my shimano equipped touring bike are showing burs on the pressure faces of the teeth. I am also getting chain slippage from ring to ring when honking.

Can the burring cause the chain to slip off the teeth, or is there another cause I haven't thought of ?

Just thought I'd check before I go to the expense of getting a new cassette tool and cassette.

The cassette has probably only done 2000 miles in 2 years.



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The late, great Sheldon Brown has probably the best illustration on chain and sprocket wear and you might find it useful. If the chain is worn, using it on a new cassette will wear the cassette out quickly.


How much mileage was the previous chain before it snapped as that is when the damage may have happened to your sprokets. If that chain was well worn then it will have worn your sprokets out and possibly your chain rings.

This jumping usually happens when you fit a new chain on worn sprockets / chain wheel as the teeth no longer fit the chain.

My road bike last year needed a new cassette and chain rings due to the chain wearing them out in about 2000 miles, now I have a chain checker and replace it at the first indication of wear and having done about 3000+ miles and 3 new chains this year, both cassette and chain rings look as good as new
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