Anybody else do these? I'm not talking about the Christmas variety but mung, aduki, clover etc. All I need to do is soak a good handfull over night, spread them out in the trays, water them daily and in a few days there is fresh salad. I've got a book which tells about the science behind it but the simple answer is they really are very good for you. I can feel the benefit the day after a good serving, I feel more alert and have a lot more energy.

If you haven't tried it I can recommend this. It's cheap, very easy and as active people it may do you a lot of good. They're also very tasty too.


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Do they have the same pungent effect on certain parts of the body?


Mr Phoebus

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Years ago, I was going out with a girl, and her mum always did a cooked dinner.
I've always hated sprouts, and her mum did every dinner with them.:blush:
Rather than have the guts to tell her that I didn't like them, I used to have to cut them in halve then swallow them whole :rolleyes: rather than chew them and release the horrible taste in my mouth. :biggrin:

Mr Phoebus

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Keith Oates said:
She must have been something special if you did that just for her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:ohmy: Her mum was a bit intimidating ;) she definitely wore the trousers in that house. I liked to leave with my sprouts intact. :ohmy:

Johnny Thin

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Mr P, maybe that's the same logic as behind "deep throating"?

But yep, I grow sprouts - mung for lunch with a salad, chickpeas for supper with cooked veg and rice. The vitamin and mineral content increases by up to 10x during the sprouting process. I grow them in a closed container, rinsing x2 per day, though mustard and cress are supposed to be good in trays - trays bien in fact.


Ah ha! Somebody knows what it is that which I speak of.

They are very very good for you eh? :ohmy:

Johnny Thin - You say you use closed containers. Do you mean like marg tubs? Or something else. I've got the stacking trays and they are good for the larger ones (chickpeas, mung aduki etc) but when I try the smaller varieties in there I seem to spend ages picking the roots out of the drainage slots. Maybe a closed system might be best for these.

I've just got a dodgy batch of mung beans with quite a few split ones in and they're not good for the teeth when they don't sprout. :blush::ohmy::ohmy:


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I love 'em although just buy them from the health food shop rather than waste time with all that mucking around.
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