Sram Crankset and GPX BB advise please

I've got myself a new singlespeed sram crank set

This one;navigation=1;menu=1000,4,29;product=29035

I build all my own bikes and have fitted cranksets before.

The question I would like to ask is, do you put loctite on the crankbolt?

I normally put loctite on the crankbolt, but for some reason this part was covered in grease already in the box.

I have looked at the instructions and it identifies all the obvious parts that require grease and these are pre greased correctly. The instructions do not state if the crankbolt needs greasing, only shows the required tourque.

I though it was safer to have no grease but to loctite the crankbolt.

Any help would be gratefully recieved.



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I haven't on my gxp Sram setup and 14000 miles and 2 bb's in I haven't had any issues. I assume the ss crank is the same as the double. (looks similar in the link)
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