Sram force 22 crankset

Jason A

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Has anyone come across some lateral play in the crankset which is causing a lot of creaking noise at roughly 11 o clock on the non drive side ? I've checked everything I can think of, press fit bearings are relatively new, I've tried a few shims etc to try make sure the cranks are fully tightened, but noticable cracking noise is still there. Any ideas would be appreciated.



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I think @kingrollo maybe had issues with BB in his carbon Kuota


Yep - painful memories. The facts (for me) were the poor construction of the frame meaning the BB area is too large or out of whack.

Fortunately an LBS - bonded the BB back in it's been much better since.

You could always approach DHW agangies (good luck with that !)


Sram cranksets are renowned for poor quality.

Also frame dimensions can be out of tolerance making faults reoccurring.

Look up Hambini You-Tube. Plain talking no nonsense engineering


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My SRAM carbon crankset has been spot on since I fitted it a few years ago. It has the grey preload adjuster thing that you turn by hand and lock with an allen key.
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