SRAM PitStop Supertech Bar Tape

Discussion in 'For Sale and Auction' started by Psyclist, 13 Aug 2012.

  1. Psyclist

    Psyclist Über Member

    **Need gone by today - also can post tomorrow if bought today**

    SRAM PitStop SuperTech Bar Tape for sale (obviously unused) £8 posted as it cost me £12 - Paypal only.

    I believe it's no longer available in the U.K too.

    Mine is the black version.

    PM Me if you're interested.

    Supertech bar tape is for riders who want a smooth, stealthy alternative to traditional bar tapes. it looks good, lasts long, is easy to clean, and repels sweat and moisture.Details:
    Carbon Look Bar Tape
    Excellent durability
    Compliments your 3k or 6k weave
    Three Color Choices

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