SRAM Rival gear issues


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I recently got a Planet X Carbon Pro with SRAM rival (and I'm far from mechanically competent...) and I've had a few issues with the gears - I'm basically a little nervous that I've done something which is either going to be very dangerous to me or has damaged the bike...

- Sort of "pinking" sound on the front derailler - fixed by adjusting the inner and outer limit.
- The chain kept on hopping between gears on the rear derailer - fixed by adjusting the indexing (twisting the plastic nobble around the cable that goes into the rear deraileur
- When I change to a larger ring on the rear it always hops up 2-3 gears - is this normal or did I do something daft with the indexing?

Thanks in advance for any and all help
I think the Sram set up needs gentle hands! Try riding again and making the gentlest of movements to shift gear, harder to shift more gears in one leap. Planet X are pretty good at setting up their bikes if anecdotal evidence is to be believed (including mine).
Probably there is a Sram explanation of the shifters - Double Tap? - or even call Ian Cammish at P-X for a chat - he's really helpful.
I got a P-X with Ultegra after being a long time Campag user and I am still tussling with the difference.:sad:
You will not get hurt...much B)


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The first 2 things you did were correct.

Using double tap; Basically listen/feel for the clicks, SRAM shifters are nice n' positive with their feedback. I assume that you're moving the leaver through it's full motion every time, in which case it should be moving through 3 gears.

When you move the lever through around 1/4" of arch there should be a positive click, I can feel it on my RED shifters, this is the shift to the smaller sprocket if you release the lever.

With a further 1" of movement there should be a second audible click, I can't feel this one on my shifters with gloves on, this is the first shift to a bigger sprocket.

Another 1" of movement will give a 3rd click, this one I can always feel as resistance increase, when you get to this you've shifted over 2 larger sprockets on the gears.

Finally continuing through you'll get to a 3rd click, this is more like 1 1/2" of movement for me, this shifts through a total of 3 sprockets. At this point the lever should be around 45 degrees

I hope you understand that. I find it quite difficult to explain this.
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