Stage 12 - Spoiler

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Keith Oates

Penarth, Wales
Today will be an even harder one for me to decide what is going to happen. The climb near the end of the stage could be decisive. I think Disco may try to do something here!!!!!!!!!!!!!


New Member
Hmm, agree it's a tough one to call. Do you mean the cat 2 climb Keith? It's still 50km from the finish so I'm not sure it will be decisive.

Still, looks like a breakaway stage to me and so I'll go for... Voigt again!

I reckon everyone else will be cacking it about tomorrow.


New Member
A breakaway has got to stay clear today surely ? David Millar was pretty unlucky yesterday , getting across to the break and then the Astana team deciding to ride hard on the front .
Which teams haven't won a stage yet ? Gerolsteiner need to do something I reckon .
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