Stage 18 *SPOILER*

Steve H

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Wonder how Cav will get on today without Renshaw. Wonder what tactics will be used against him??


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He seemed to get on fine without Renshaw at the last finish line sprint for the minor places...


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shoot, I missed it!


Superb sprinting from Cav - he really doesn't need a lead out any more. He was sheltered behind Thor untill the last 200 or so metres. :biggrin:
My nephew 14 week year old nephew timed it right for his stroppy period yet again :sad: I caught the end of the race just but I never saw any replays but it looked like Cav won it easy. With Pettachi coming 3rd ? and Thor not even in it does that open the door for the green jersey or does Pettachi just have to make sure he finishes in the top 10 on the Champ Elysees ?


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Hushovd nowhere. Looks like his epic climbing yesterday will be in vain.
Petacchi must be favourite to win Green. Needs to be 4th or higher in Paris if Cavendish wins.
Not less than fifth I think they said and Petacchi's got it.

Edit: As per Frank, fifth is equal so Cav would win on stage wins. But surely Petacchi is too wiley an old Fox for that.
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