Stage 6 spoiler

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It was great to watch yesterday. The HTC team have an awesome build up. Even with plenty of other teams trying to interfere with Cav's build up, it's really good watching him succeed. Mark Renshaw and the rest of the team should be up there on the podium with him though. They've done an unbelievable amount of work just to let Cav sprint for 150 yards.


Just watched the repeat of the stage on German tele, the performance of Renshaw is impressive. It was a quite remarkable effort to deliver him so close to the line - well done. I hope we see a few more points for Cav in the coming days.


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A great finish from Cav, a fantastic lead out from Renshaw and a heroic effort from all the COLUMBIA HTC team in controlling the race:bravo:

When Columbia are in the zone they're a force to be reconned with, and not afraid of putting in all the hard work to get what they want. And a good show for the fans.


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I was dubious as to what Columbia had done in the final few corners, but to see Renshaw and Cav jump about three other sprinters was legendary, and the finish was excellent, no one near, great work.
The last couple of stages really showed how much Renshaw in particular contributes. He really mixes it in the run in and has buckets of skill and bravery to enable Cavendish to be set off. Given they're a marked team as such, massive credit to them for still muscling their way through. Think Cavendish coming out and being honest about how he feels, feet back on the ground etc. has been good too and in fairness, despite the accusations about his attitude at times (me included I have to admit), he always acknowledges the team effort.
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