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Hi there anyone local to Staines know where I can leave my car for 24 hours for free ? Travelling in and out of London but staying in Staines for the night. Friday/Saturday if that makes any difference.
Many thanks in advance.
If memory serves me right, Cherry Orchard quite near Staines Station, give me a couple of hours and I’ll be able to check.


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I am down that way for the weekend so will be a bit late, but you do not have to wonder far out of town to get free street parking if my memory serves me correctly.

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Love Staines!

Parked up for a meeting. Bought a ticket. Put ticket on dashboard. Finished meeting. Came out to find I had a ticket on my windshield. Appealed with proof of ticket purchase. Was emailed a photo taken by the parking officer. He/she had taken the shot in a way that the glare obscured the ticket in the car. Evil, dishonest basket.

Enjoy Staines!

(Sorry I cant help btw)
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