Stars in their Eyes


I've just turned over to catch cross-dressing Everly Brothers. Have I missed much?
You could close your eyes and hum quietly...
I beg your pardon, these pants were on fresh last week!


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TV is shite tonight

Eastenders is depressing,
Coronation Street's rubbish too -
Can't they bring back Jack Duckworth?
At least we'd get a laugh
There is nothing on the other side -
I'm sick of football too.
Cookery programmes galore-
Are they trying to make me fat?
TV documentaries -
Can't they tell me something I don't already know!
Oh wait - there's a movie on;
Ah for God's sake -
"The man with the golden gun" -
Why can't they show something new?
I liked it better first time 'round -
I preferred Sean Connery too!

I'm bored oh so bored, there is nothing to do -
TV is shite tonight!
Out to the kitchen, I pour myself another Harp,
I really should fix that dripping tap.
Look at the dirt on those windows -
They really need a wash.
The dog wags his tail and looks up at the door.
He must want a walk but sure I have no time!
It really is a lovely evening -
The lawn needs a cut but I have no time -
Bet it will rain tomorrow!
Glass in hand, I settle down upon the settee
To watch Roger Moore in 'The man with the Golden Gun'
I've seen it nine times already -
And I'm bored oh so bored -
I've got nothing to do -
Because TV is shite tonight!
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