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Hi ,

I have a trek for my big rides which is getting run down as I commute 26 miles a day.
I have been given a Viking for my commute which I am quite happy with as it's from a mate & cost me very little.
Only issue is the frame is a little large in length & reaching the handle bars feels a bit of a stretch.
I can move the seat forward about half an inch but there's still about 2 inches I need to eliminate.
The stem is a standard 31mm.

Would there be any issues with me getting a shorter stem ?
All of the ones I have seen seem to be for MTB, does this matter ?
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated , I'm still getting to grips with the mechanics of bikes & sorting this issue would save me buying a new commuter.



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No problem , i use a next frame size up for commuting and use an 80 mm stem rather than the 100 mm one that came with it , its better to adjust the reach after you have set up your preferred saddle height and set back because you can knacker your legs/knees if you have to extreme a position.
Just be careful to get the right size clamp , the normal standards are 25.4 and 31.8 mm dependant on the handlebar size
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