stem for a 1 inch diameter steerer tube


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Does anyone know if these new aheadset stems will fit on a 1 inch steerer tube? I was thinkind about ITM or Deda stems



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I have seen some somewhere this year, but as an alternative which is just as good, get a 1.125" stem and a fit a shim on the steerer tube. I was digging around in my spares box last night and found the 2 that ITM sent me very quickly when I told them the CX2 bars I bought off eBay didn't come with any...I was expecting to be told that you can't get them anymore!

If you want to go down that route, I'm sure I could let one go to a good home :ohmy:


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Thanks for the replies guys, I've been doing some reading up and from what I can ITM supply "shims" with their stems.

Thanks for the offer Will1985 it was much appreciated
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