Steve Fossett still missing...


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shame isn't it. hope they find him (alive) soon.


Richard Branson was saying he gifted him an (expensive) watch with a tracking beacon built into it. My brother also has one. I can't understand why he hasn't used it unless he can't reach it or is already dead.

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Normally I'm a bit wary of commenting on these 'sad news about someone I have never met' stories, but I hope this isn't the end of Steve Fossett's adventures. I know he's really rich and has had opportunities some of us could only dream of, but he has still put himself out there. I hope they find him, although the elapsed time and a few of the other details make me less optimistic.

Incredible as these things are, the conspiracy story about what is 'really' going on here beats most of the cock and bull that springs up. Apparently the US Government has coerced Fossett to cooperate with them because of 'stuff' they know about his financial dealings. (They apparently don't want to simply take him to court because his status as an American icon would be tarnished and that would reflect badly on the whole USA.)

So his getting 'lost' is just a cover story to allow the US military to mount a huge search operation in Nevada without raising suspicion, but they're not looking for Fossett, they are looking for a nuclear weapon that fell off a USAF plane last week. He is actually in a bunker sitting it out until they find the missing nuke. He will then be 'rescued'. Glory all round.

The evidence for this is that the search is being headed up by no other than the top guy at the 2nd USAF, who used to work at . . . . Area 51. Plus a whole load of other wacko stuff.

Here's a forum that makes soapbox look sane:
He had a radio in the plane, a mobile phone, plus a sarbe ELT beacon in his Breitling watch given to him by Richard Branson, so seems likely that if he were still alive, even if injured, he could have called for help.

So either he's dead
Or he's done a John Stonehouse and is starting a new life somewhere else (which really doesn't seem that likely)
Or the conspiracy stuff is true (yeah right, man)

I fear that whatever it was must have been an incident so quick as to prevent him getting-off a Mayday.
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