Sticking 105 rear brake


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hi, the rear brake on my month old peloton is beginning to stick a bit. Ie it doesn't always release properly. There is also a bit of play in the lever (if that makes sense) before I feel the tension of the brake when I squeeze it.
when I disconnect the cable the brake springs back easily, could the cables need cleaning this soon?
I've only done about 400 miles on it, I could take it back to the shop for its free six week service, but that s a bit of a pain. And if there is something aimple I can do Id rather do it myself anyway.
Many thanks
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shadow master

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If you have released the cable and the Caliper seems to spring evenly back,then it can only be the cable,hold the end and pull the lever probably feel a bit sluggish,and yes they can dry out so quickly this time of year,especially on a new bike as the manufactures are tight on the lube!

jack smith

Check cables my 105 rear brake os doing the same after winter riding the inner cable is sticking, undo the bolt and hold the cable and squeeze the lever over and over again lever and move the cable by hand up and down to losen it up abit if you cant afford a new cable right away


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Many thanks.
Finally worked out how to get at the cable innard, at various points, lubed it and all ok now. Phew .
You were right @shadow master there was virtually no evidence of lube at all!


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Manufacturers don't lubricate brake cables, they assemble them dry. The outer is lined with a slippery polymer sheath, which does the job. Water and dirt and then rust in the steel spiral of the outer makes them sticky.
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