Stockholm stylee

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No brakes??

Haven't you heard of the Stockholm Syndrome: empathy with anything you crash into...

turbo tim

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The Cinelli wasn't locked to anything either, and in fact I did pick it up and move it for the photo. Owner was a courier, and in perfect English he explained that he'd bought it "from Parker International, £450, a really good price, get one!". Not sure if the other two were courier bikes or commuters.

Rather liked the Cinelli, looked really good, although the welding was a little bit crude. I liked the Peugeot too, especially the bars. What's the technical name for such a design? Moustache?

The lack of brake levers does improve the look of the bikes enormously but no brakes would freak me out. Traffic in Stockholm, although not up to London madness, is pretty heavy, and with pedestrians ambling about everywhere, ouch!!
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