Stocks & Shares ISA's/NISA's


66 - I'm now an SC. Woopee!
We've only ever invested in Cash ISA's and now NISA's.

Does anyone have any comments regarding Stocks & Shares ISA's please?

Good investments?

Bad idea?

Not worked for you/worked for you?


Not wanting to pry into your personal £'s details but if you have any % return figures that would help.


We have some other investments finishing next year and they need a home so was wondering if these types of investments are worth a punt.

No problem with tying the cash up pretty much indefinitely really so we are thinking long-term.


Ta in advance for any info'.


If you are a pensioner the government are offering 4% interest from next year on some bonds .


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A Stocks & Shares ISA is just a place to put investments: you could invest all your money in a fund that invests in Grade AAA bonds, and maybe averages a few percent a year over 20 years, or you could invest all your money in shares and lose it all by the end of the day.

Personally I have money in 6 funds, not individual shares, in a S&S ISA. It's hard to show real gains because I have switched funds a lot and I can't see anywhere that shows me total money invested, but it's about 40% in 7 years, which is equiv to about 5% a year, I am split roughly as follows:

25% global small cap companies
10% UK mid cap
10% Europe
10% Emerging Markets
6% Japan
39% a bit of everything

I am 30 though, and have plenty of time to let investments recover if they fall, as they did heavily not long after I first started investing.

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We had a low risk stocks and shares ISA and the return was quite disappointing :sad:
Went to a well known local company and a financial adviser who charged £££ for advice.
Have found a new FA locally quoting 5-8 per cent return but for a higher risk, probably worth a go :smile: hopefully.
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