Stolen Bikes Gloucestershire

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Fleet of Bikes stolen 7 in total from North Nibley Gloucestershire Area on the Early hours of Friday 3rd of August The following are all 7 bikes that were stolen all have unique features. The Avanti bike (Black one) is one of two in the whole of the UK and the other is in my friends possession.PICTURES BELOW

Heres the list of stolen bikes.
  • Avanti Torrent 2 Large, Black - Upgraded with Sunline V1 Red Bars, Stans NoTubes Flow Wheelset.
  • Norco Aurum 1 2012 Medium, Yellow - NEW, green superstar pedals
  • Ironhorse Sunday 2009 - Small OLD, 2010 Boxxers, green race face bars
  • Kona Coiler Deluxe 2007 - Brown, Syncros bars, Air fox shock, Kona WAH WAH pedals
  • Kona Cinder Cone 2011 16"- Red
  • Specialized P1 2010 - Renthal Bars, Pink ABD grips, Blue Pedals, New back wheel Superstar blue hub on white Atomlab Rim, Blue nipples.
  • NS Hardtail CUSTOM White/Green Frame, Silver Rock Shox Pikes (Oil Leak on one side) saint cranks, White NS bar/stem
If any of the bikes are spotted please could you contact me ASAP Thank You

Bloody hell, sorry to hear about this. Keep your eyes peeled on the usual places, eBay, Gumtree etc

The cock jockeys who've taken them probably don't even know what they've got, unless of course they were taken to order, (wouldn't be the first time).

Hope you get some good news and that the culprits are found and have their genitals mutilated with blunt rusty garden shears :cursing:


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Strewth, any news?

I've only just seen this and I know it is a bit late but I live quite near you so will keep my eyes open. I imagine though that the scrotes whilst maybe not knowing exactly what they were taking did know they were decent stuff and they are long gone now.
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