STOLEN: CANYON Endurace AL 5.0 FAHRRAD 2016/2017


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Hi all,

Reporting the theft of my CANYON Endurace AL 5.0 FAHRRAD 2016/2017:

Location of theft: Tottenham, N15
Date: 16/04/2019
Bike register number: 0102103377
Frame number: D6J23773

The bike has the following fitted (or at least, did have):
- Shimano XT T8000 SPD Trekking Clipless Pedal
- Electron Handlebar Mount For F200 and F300 Lights - 22.2 to 31.8mm Bars
- Mount for Kryptonite New York Shackle Bike Lock 3000

I've included a few pictures (bike shown from new, without above items fitted).



Grateful for info if anyone spots anything matching this description!
Fekin thieving b##'stards, hope you are soon re-united
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