Stolen Green/black carerra Cross fire bike in Glasgow


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A carerra cross fire black and green bike with green seat and black handle bars stolen in Glasgow
Bike has two lights in front and two in the rear

Talbot Association Ltd 344 Paisley Rd, Glasgow G5 8RE 0141 429 4541

At Saturday 24 October around 17:18 young white male black track suit hoodie

It is important that I get this back as it crucial i.need this returned ASAP

Anyone with any information please get in touch ASAP


Charming but somewhat feckless
A picture would be useful, even if it’s only a grab from the retailer’s website and not the actual bike.
I pass this area every day so will keep a lookout for it.


Charming but somewhat feckless
this is the bike on the image or something similar if you can help me find it that would be great
Can you clarify if that's the actual bike or just a similar one? That top tube sloping straight back to the seat stays is quite distinctive. What size is the frame?
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