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Nicky Bee

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Hi everyone.

I’ve got a handlebar bike mount for my iPhone, and Strava loaded on my phone. How can I set my phone/strava so either:
1. The strava display stays on.
2. I can just tap my phone screen or the side button to open the strava display while riding? (If I tap my screen or side button usually it needs face recognition, which I can’t do while cycling).

I guess option 2 is better as it will waste less battery?


cougie uk

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This should work.



If you go open the Strava App and click the “record” icon, the map opens,

click the cog in the top right and select “display settings“.

Here you can then select to prevent auto lock which will keep your phone and Strava on until you finish the activity.

option 2 will need you to remove your passcode so not easy or recommended.


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I’d be cautious if using a newer phone think it’s iPhone 10 up. Due to the camera stabilisation, using my quadlock caused one of my rear cameras to break
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