Stretford to Wilmslow?


My son is about to start a new job in Wilmslow and wants to cycle from Stretford. He currently works on Trafford Wharf so it will be a lot further than he's used to.
Any thoughts, tips, suggestions of routes, roads to avoid etc, from you experienced lot, would be most welcome.


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Manchester way
Not my side of town but cyclestreets set to quickest route suggests this. Some NCN network riding to get past the motorway.


The cyclestreets balanced route option heads straight south out of Stretford for Sale/Timperley/Baguley/Wythenshawe/skirt the top of the airport to Heald Green and down to Wilmslow from there.

Not personal recommendation as its not a route I've ever done and I'm sure the more locals will be along soon.


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I would go down Brooklands Road. Which way from there depends on which side of Wilmslow you are working. You could head through Hale Barns and use the cycle paths through the airport tunnels. Alternatively you could head through Styal although I suspect Worms Hill near the prison and the climb past the Carrs might be a little busy during rush hour. There is a cut through at Twinnies Bridge up to the Rugby club at Kings Road though.
@Origamist might be able to give you some pointers as he used to go from Wilmslow to the Quays.


#1. Canal to Brooklands - Brooklands Rd, head towards the airport round Clay Lane/Thorley Lane. End up on Styal Rd, down through Stanneylands
#2. Canal to Timperley (you can use the steps to get on Park Rd). Park Rd, then head towards the airport as above.
#1&#2 need a bike that has 25mm tyres as a minimum.
#3 Edge Lane/High Lane. Hardy Lane to Sale Water Park. Sale Rd, then follow Longley Lane towards Styal, then Stanneylands. Note, careful through Stanneylands as the road narrows over a bridge at the bottom of a brow, and some cars take chances.
#4 As #3, but don't go through Sale Water Park, go along Barlow Moor Rd, then Palatine Rd, jumping onto Longley Lane etc.

I don't really know Didsbury too well as you could stay on Barlow Moor Rd and head through there.


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Not much I can add to the good route suggestions above.

If you go via the airport tunnel route you can turn off on Sunnybank Lane to avoid the roundabout. The cycle path along this route is OK, but not great.

Personally, I'm not a fan of Styal in the rush hour, but others do use it.

The canal from Stretford to Timperley is fine. Brooklands and Park Road need a bit of caution, but they're generally OK.
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