Study: Cycling to recover from alcohol or drug abuse

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    Sean Ryder (Happy Mondays) has said that cycling got him off drugs.

    He told the Guardian that he would ride through the day to detox, but that it was still a huge struggle to kick heroin.

    He said: “It was cycling that got me off drugs. I’d get on my bike very early in the morning and keep cycling until very late at night, day after day, until it was out of the system.

    “I was pedalling from 8am until 11pm. But once that’s done, you still have to deal with the mental stuff.”
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    thanks for that GuyBoden!
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    Probably a bit on the soft side,but my only real addiction was nicotine, but the bike certainly helped me on a few different levels to occupy the mind and try and repair the lungs. A friend of mine on the other hand, has had a battle royal with alcohol and depression. He's been through the rehab thing for both but still struggled or rather appeared to struggle a bit with everyday life. He used to cycle to quite a high standard as a younger man, and was always very interested in what bikes and gear I had. He's eventually bought himself a new machine and he's loving it. It does seem to be the very thing he has been looking for for whatever reason. It's only been a couple of months so very early days but the signs for him are very hopeful indeed.
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