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Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by Melvil, 31 Oct 2007.

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    I travelled from Bristol (Temple Meads) to Cheltenham on a train with a very large teddy bear. My grandmother insisted that I should have it, even though I must have been about thirty at the time. While waiting at the station, there was no problem. People must have assumed that the father of the child whose teddy it was, had gone off the buffet or something, so no one seemed to take much notice.

    When I got on the train. Someone sat opposite me, only then did they see the teddy. Not sure how they missed seeing him, as he occupied a whole seat to himself. So I said "He's very nervous, it's his first train trip". This was in the days before mobile phones and their cameras, so I could not take a picture of the look of absolute horror, astonishment etc etc. on the face of my fellow passenger.

    The ticket inspector was not very sympathetic either. When I admitted that teddy had not got a ticket, the inspector said that we would have to get off at the next station then. Fortunately, he did not enforce it, and we completed our journey.

    Some years later the same teddy (Ben) was involved in a serious accident, falling from the tower of a local abbey. (Despite Health and Safety precautions). A local tv crew were present to watch other (smaller) teddies parachuting off the tower. They decided they would like to interview my big Ben as he had been spectating when the incident happened. Unfortunately due to concussion, Ben was unable to speak to the interviewer, a representative of the Abbey had to speak on his behalf. For some reason, he has turned down any further expeditions.

    Dom Tyler, I hope you read this!:blush:
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