Stupid Brompton question


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I just unpacked a new Brompton M2L today, and had a question that I suspect is stupid but wanted to be sure...

When the bike is unfolded, the rear wheel/frame clicks up into place and is attached to the main frame with a little clip.

This stays in place (i.e. doesn't come apart) but also isn't locked exactly in place. So when I lift the back of the bike it moves a little and then clicks back into place when I lower it again.

Is this normal or should I worry about the mechanism not working properly? Let me know if how I've described it is unclear.



There is some small amount of movement but try twisting the rubber suspension block slightly to make sure it’s fully locked in place.


It's fine - the clip isn't structural, and for many years Bromptons didn't even come with the clip. The fact that it was always a massively popular first upgrade to pretty much any Brommie back in the day is probably what made them finally fit them as standard! Unless you plan on 'getting some air' on your new Brompton it'll never be under strain in use.^_^
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