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Yep, as a small gal I abandoned the roof rack and left it for when the husband's around, and invested in a good, old fashioned back-of-car rack that I can use easily. The crunch came when I had to ask a particularly tall, rather handsome chap to take my bike down....clearly couldn't do that on a regular basis.

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I've never been asked to heft someone's bike onto a roof rack, but being 6'2" tall (and my handsomeness probably somewhat debatable), I do get asked to retrieve things from high shelves in shops quite a lot. So long as the bike wasn't too heavy, I'm sure I wouldn't mind though.


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Patrick Stevens said:
I recall seeing a photograph of you carrying a policeman. The technique you used was to get a firm grip through his legs. Did you put him on your roof rack?
Nah, just slung him in the back of the van...

Rich P: Watch it. I still have that photo....
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