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Sturmey Archer 5 speed adjustment

Discussion in 'Bicycle Mechanics and Repairs' started by jonesy, 22 Jun 2008.

  1. jonesy

    jonesy Legendary Member

    A repetition of a query I've posted in Special Interest about my Brompton, as hopefully experience of SA 5 speeds isn't confined to folders...

    I've got a SA Sprinter 5 speed, the type with a blue ring on the indicator rod, probably pre-SunRace, which I'm finding very difficult to adjust correctly. Any tips?
  2. buddha

    buddha Veteran

    I take it you've tried the standard:

    1) Make sure the indicator chain is screwed in to the axle as far as it will go (and slacken off a quater turn or so, so the chain can sit properly on the roller/guide)
    2) Switch to 2nd
    3) Adjust until the blue ring is level with the end of the axle
    4) Turn the cranks a few times.
    5) Switch to 5th
    6) Turn the cranks a few times
    7) Switch back to 2nd
    8) Turn the cranks again
    9) check the blue ring is still aligned with the end of the axle and if not adjust.

    A couple of things I've experienced:
    1) While in 5th there shouldn't be any/much slack in the cable or you'll have trouble shifting
    2) Is the indicator chain clean and greased?
    3) As per brake/gear cables, check for rust or dirt.

    Hope this helps!
  3. OP

    jonesy Legendary Member

    THanks, yes: basically what I've done so far is from your step 2. to 9. I didn't do anything with the chain as it already appears to be correctly lined up in the brompton pulley wheel thingy. Components look OK, gave them a bit more lube. I checked again after a days use and the blue line still seemed to be in the right place; but still occasional dodgy shifts. I much prefer the 3 speed Brompton!
  4. style over speed

    style over speed riding a f**king bike

    Help! any experts with these hubs... I've got one of these, not needed any adjustment for 18 months, but the connector came loose the other day and I can't get it back properly:


    when the changer is in position 2, the blue ring won't get level with the end of the axle... it just comes off the connector if I try and get it adjusted according to the instructions. The cable adjuster has no more travel either.