Sturmley Archer indicator spindles

Chris S

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The indicator spindle chain on my Sturmey Archer hub has broken.

There are three different lengths on ebay ranging from 49 to 58mm.

There is a lot of adjustment in the cable so does it matter which one I use?

I was going to measure the current chain but I'm not sure if it was the original/correct length in the first place. Could this be why it broke?

PS - The hub has a March 1994 date stamp on it.



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I don't believe it actually matters. The only issue it might cause is that it will no  longer line up with the "window" in the nut and this is why Sheldon Brown and others advises against using the SA recommended method to adjust the gear cable (it's impossible to say wheter it was replaced with an incorrect one in the past). I've done a "pick and mix" on a few old hubs to build a working one for my Rudge and it all works fine.

A look at Sheldon's site will give you advice on setting the gear cable but basically, it should be just very sligtly slack in top gear and you should be able to select low and normal easily and when in low gear, the indicator rod should still pull out ever so slightly if you pull it or the cable by hand. If there is no movement, it's two tight, if it doesn't select low gear, it's too slack.


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i believe that tyred's about right.

having said that, the factory supplied indicator rods in the length required for good reason, so that in any gear you're using the whole of the planets/suns/gear rings. if you're a bit out with sheldon's method (that no doubt works) you run the risk of putting all your torque through part of the assembly possibly leading to damaged teeth/premature wear.

as you need to buy a new one anyhow, source it from, and ask him for the correct one for your hub. then set it as per factory instructions.
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