Suffolk Coastal Ride

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Hi All,
Did anybody do the Suffolk Coastal Ride on Sunday ?

I was planning on riding the whole thing on my road bike (60 miles) however, I managed to convince a couple of non cycling friends to join me but they only had Mtb so weren't prepared to do the whole route.
1. they didn't feel fit enough for 60 miles
2. 60 miles on a Mtb just seemed too far
For these reasons I cycled with them on my Mtb to help them get through it and make it more sociable.

Bike events organised the route and on the website it said there was a shorter route of 25 miles. Everybody was happy until we got to 20 miles only to find that the 'short' route was not 25 but 35 miles. Bit of a difference if you ask me. Fortunately I was fine with this sudden change in distance but my two friends weren't. They bonked at 30 miles and the last little section took them ages. They finally made it and were pleased with what they had achieved.

A bit poor that the organisors were so wrong with the description of the ride length. Anybody had similar experiences ?
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