Suggestions for Bike Cleaning Products + Chain Re-Lube (all weather) or Chain waxing..?

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Years ago I bought a bottle of chain lube from Decathlon because of convenience (it was there when I bought the bike) but over the past few weeks I've realised I need to look after my bikes a bit better than I do so.

So, in the past I've used the big bottle of Muc-Off with a sponge and I have bought one of those little tools that degreases the chain (chain runs through the device) with degreaser bought from Halfords (again, convenience).

Is the Muc-off seen to be a decent product? I'm just reaching the end of my current bottle so now is a good time to change. If so, I'll keep using that,

Chain/Cassette/Chainring degreasing, I have alittle bit left of the Halfords stuff but I do have an aerosol can ready from Lidl that I haven't used yet. I think this is an important one as the lubricant from Decathlon is pretty farking awful. It get's everywhere and sticks like a bastard.

Finally, the chain lube. I have a summer and winter bike but I'd prefer to just have one set of lube if possible. What do we use? I've also heard of chain-waxing if anyone wants to enlighten me on that(looking into it now)

Please, plug your cleaning and lubing/delubing products here!
Thanks :smile:

EDIT: Chain waxing absolutely looks like the way to go for my summer bike at least! Pleas suggest these products too
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I used Finish Line Ceramic for years I tried the similar muc off product goes a bit sticky and you really have to keep on top of it and Finishline is easier to clean if you leave it any more than one week. Its a good product IMO. Having said that I switched to drip Wax (Squirt) a few years back and I wish that had been invented years ago. Much cleaner than a traditional lube, not as pernickety to set up as hard WAX and components last for ages, and its quiet, it also claims to have a lot of other performance benefits but not that you'd actually notice but if you forget to wipe down your chain after a particular wet ride your chain can get ugly surface rust and you need to wipe it down. I use it on my gravel bike and winter bike. On my good bike and TT bike I use a lighter version (Tru Tension Banana slip Tungsten)

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Full on chain waxing requires a bit of faff to set up ,strip chain clean ,hot melt wax in a Crockpot (don't let the wife know ) , To get very nearly the performance and therefore longevity of components a drip on wax lube works well . Silca one is suppose to be the best but expensive but is suppose to pay for itself in extending the life of the chain etc .
Personally I use squirt lube all year round in wetter conditions I double apply the lube ,of note the lube really needs appling hours before a ride to let the carrier of the wax evaporate
As for de greaser I use Gunk ( the bio degradable one ) car based product much cheaper than specific bike ones
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