Suggestions needed for SPDs


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I'm thinking of getting some cycle shoes for my bike, a trek 7.6fx

it came wtih a pair of wellgo single sided clipless pedals, however I dont have the cleats which came with the bike.

Can anyone suggest some commuting shoes best suited with these pedals?

I want something comfortable, and have "quick release".

I cycle about 18 miles a day (road only)

Any mtb shoe will be fine, of the top of my head, Spesh Taho's and Sonoma spring to mind. Remember and order cleats since you don't have them.


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is Taho any good in winter?


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Spesh Taho's work well as a commute shoe. Waterproof they are not, but they dry fast, and overshoes do the job for me when I can motivate myself to commute in the rain. If you want waterproofism in a cycling shoe you're gonna have to spend lots.
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