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England : Tyne and Wear Sunderland Clarion

Discussion in 'Cycling Clubs' started by addictfreak, 25 Jun 2012.

  1. If you live in the Sunderland area why not check us out. Cyclists of a wide age range, all abilities welcome. Whether you want to race, train or just do the social rides with coffee and cake.


    Join the forum and say hello
  2. stephyt

    stephyt Active Member

    may have been tempting if I still lived in washington lol
  3. You would have been very welcome, we have no girls in the club which is a great shame.
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  4. Boots!

    I used to live in New Herrington, but no longer, sadly. If I'm ever up that way, I'll try to arrange to ride with you.
  5. You will be very welcome to join us.
  6. Lynnderella

    Lynnderella Active Member

    No girls??!! Might have to change this!! My friend and I are getting back into cycling (after 25 years without wheels!). Mainly leisure rides, with a cake stop of course, and I commute a 6 mile round trip as often as poss. Not massively confident or fit, but its coming!
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  7. stephyt

    stephyt Active Member

    we could have made our own begginers one up lol ;) x
  8. guitarpete247

    guitarpete247 Just about surviving

    Would love to join if I still lived up there.
    I was a student there up till '78 at the Poly and did a lot of riding. Over to Durham, up to South Shields, into (Spit) Newcastle to see bands in a couple of pubs, plus my commute into College.

    Still a Makem at heart :whistle:.
  9. Steven bates

    Steven bates Active Member

    Hi Sunderland clarion
    Been cycling just over 6 weeks now , really enjoying it would really like to ride out with other people maybe some time next year early spring time , when I hope to be riding clip less , I have never rode in a group so would be a bit wary , not wanting to slow group down etc
    Just a few questions
    How many people ride out
    What speed do you avg
    How far is a typical session if there is such a thing
    Hope to here from you and one day ride out with your group
    All the very best steven
  10. Hi Steven

    The club has a wide range of members of all abilities, so there is pretty much something for everyone. We have a few different ride options wish are hopefully designed to cater for all those abilities.
    There is a ride on a Saturday morning for riders like yourself who are new to riding, usually 30-40 miles at a sedate pace between 12-15 mph. Always involves a coffee stop and no one gets left behind.

    Sunday offers a couple of options. The normal club run with will vary in length between 60-90 miles at around 15-16 mph. Again no one gets left behind and it has the usual coffee stop
    The other ride is for those riders who like to be a little faster around 18-19 mph, it could be a non stop ride and if you get dropped you may have to find your own way!

    You may also find ad hoc rides being organised by members through the week. The best thing is to join the forum and see what's happening. www.sunderlandclarion.org.uk/forum

    Depending whereabouts you are in Durham you might want to check out other clubs as well. Ferryhill wheelers, Cestria Cycle Club (Chester le Street), Houghton CC.
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  11. Lynnderella

    Lynnderella Active Member

    Hi Steven,
    Have you looked on the GoSkyRide website? They organise local rides, for groups of all abilities. I have participated in a few breeze rides (for the ladies!), they are well planned, usually with a cake stop! You can also find buddies in the area to team up with.
    Happy cycling x
  12. Lynnderella

    Lynnderella Active Member

    http://www.goskyride.com the link x
  13. Steven bates

    Steven bates Active Member

    Hi there
    Thank you very much for your reply , really appreciate it , sounds really good and something I would like to try next year once I am more confident on my bike my max none stop ride to date is 42 mile at an average 15 mph but would be nice to have a bit company
    Many thanks and hope to ride with you and your group in the near future
  14. Steven bates

    Steven bates Active Member

    Hi there
    Oh , I totally new to thus so wasn't aware of this , many thanks for that , I will have a look at that
  15. AndyRM

    AndyRM Guru

    Whitley Bay
    This isn't a cycling question, but I have often wondered about the Clarion name. Are politics involved, or is it purely a cycling club?